Ingredients: Where They're From and Why They're There

Ingredients: Where They're From and Why They're There

You may have noticed that our product descriptions go way beyond listing ingredients. We also include information about the purpose behind each ingredient we use in our formulations and where the ingredient comes from (which we think is just as important).

I'm the kind of person who researches everything I put into or on my body—and simple rules like, "is it natural?" or "can I pronounce it?" just don't work for me (they're so often overly-simplistic or simply misleading). So, the first time I saw a company list the "whys" and "wheres" behind their formulations I immediately thought "why doesn't everyone do this?"

If I don't know what an ingredient is and where it comes from I make sure I learn about it before I make contact with it. Here's the thing though: why should I do all the work when the company selling me a product should already know this stuff?

I'm glad to see that an increasing number of companies are providing this information—although I wish it were more—and I am happy to count Roosevelt Grooming Company among them.

From ensuring we know about everything we're selling to making sure you know about what you're buying, there are obviously practical reasons to research and provide this info. And if you're the kind of person who just doesn't care, that's fine too, the important thing is the choice to know about what you consume should be yours to have.

So, whether it's food, clothes or grooming products we think it's important that the company selling it lets you know exactly what you're buying.

Now let's dive into the five biggest reasons behind our commitment to transparency.

1. Safety

Open tin of mustache wax on display

Listing the ingredients in our product descriptions helps keep you safe. Since many people have sensitivities, preferences and allergies we provide a comprehensive list of ingredients and their sources so you can make informed decisions about whether a product is suitable for your specific needs.

Safety is our top priority, and we believe that providing as much information as possible is a fundamental part of that commitment. (BTW, if you are allergic to anything we use please contact us before you buy since our products are made on some shared equipment, which can occasionally result in cross contamination)

Did you know our mustache wax contains natural pine resin? We have several customers with pine resin sensitivities who request pine-free batches. When we can, we're always happy to make custom blends for our customers.

2. Trust

Transparency builds trust. We're not afraid of the ingredients in our products—in fact, we're pretty proud of them—and we want to ensure that you're not either. We want you to feel confident in the quality and safety of our products, and by providing detailed information about what goes into each item, we are hoping that our transparency helps develop that confidence.

3. Empowerment

An open jar of water-based pomade

Knowledge is power, and we believe in empowering you to make informed choices. We want to give you the opportunity to understand what you're purchasing and how it may impact your health or well-being, or the environment.

This knowledge allows you to take control of your buying decisions and make choices that align with your values and needs.

Did you know our unorthodox water-based pomade is made without resorting to unsustainable palm oil or an excess of petroleum-based ingredients?

4. Preferences

Many people have specific product preferences (vegan, plastic free, locally produced, etc.). By providing a detailed list of ingredients and their sources, we make it easier for you to identify products that meet—or don't meet— your requirements, saving you time and effort in searching for suitable options.

5. Sustainability

A tube of roll-on fragrance oil being displayed on a tan stone

If you know how your products are derived you can make an informed decision about whether the product you're choosing is sustainable.

We do our best to make our products animal friendly and environmentally responsible. With an understanding of how every ingredient is sourced—and why we include it—you can also make decisions about how your buying choices impact our world.

Did you know our Roll-On Fragrance Oil contains natural jojoba oil? Jojoba oil comes from the Simmondsia chinensis plant, which is a common shrub native to the Southwestern United States.


Our detailed product descriptions represent our commitment to your safety, trust, empowerment and understanding. We believe in transparency and providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

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